Welcome to the Official Koodzo Blog

Koodzo's First Blog Post

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Welcome to the Official Koodzo Blog

Our blog is finally up! We want to welcome everyone to the official Koodzo Blog.

Koodzo is a Social Content Distribution Startup disrupting the way content is consumed and shared. Launching June 2015. Stay tuned!

The Koodzo Social Content Distribution Service distributes blogs and social content across the Koodzo Content Network & Internet using Communities, Contributors, the Koodzo Social Syndication Engine and Embedded Widgets. Contributors from various groups and communities who share similar interests, benefit from reciprocal traffic and link backs to their original content and website. Our Social Syndication Engine ensures extended content exposure and ultra-engagement throughout the Koodzo Network. Embedded widgets residing on contributor sites host dynamic and pertinent content. Koodzo contributors can see their content’s reach, activity, engagement rates, and social performance in the Koodzo Dashboard.

Are you a blogger who wants to achieve higher engagement rates with your content?
Are you a marketing professional looking to match your social content with the right audience?
Koodzo can help!

This blog will allow our members and customers to follow important news and updates related to Koodzo.

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