Koodzo promises Bloggers Ultra-Engagement and extends social reach!

Bloggers achieve higher content consumption through Syndication Engine and Widgets

Koodzo Content Syndication

Koodzo promises Bloggers Ultra-Engagement and extends social reach!

Calling all bloggers! Koodzo wants you and you will want Koodzo!

Over the last decade, Internet blogs and bloggers themselves have become a very important point of reference for many. According this article, consumers prefer blogs to traditional media for PR recommendations. A small percentage of bloggers have succeeded in creating a following and making a name for themselves among various social circles. Because the Internet is so vast, often bloggers struggle to get the exposure they deserve; Koodzo is here to level the playing field!

Bloggers are often known for their knowledge, opinions, passion and their ability to share insight effectively using social media. Successful bloggers can grow to become very influential and even considered thought leaders in their area of expertise.

Are you an experienced Blogger with hundreds or thousands of interested followers? Or perhaps you recently launched a blog and want to develop a following? Koodzo promises to help. www.koodzo.com

Watch this short animated video to learn what Koodzo is all about.

The Koodzo Social Content Distribution Service distribute blogs and social content across the Koodzo Content Network using Communities, Contributors, the Koodzo Social Syndication Engine and Embedded Widgets. Contributors from various groups and communities who share similar interests, benefit from reciprocal traffic and link backs to their original content and website. The Koodzo Social Syndication Engine ensure maximum engagement throughout the Koodzo Network. Embedded widgets residing on contributor sites host dynamic and relative content. Koodzo contributors can see their content’s reach, activity, engagement rates, and social performance in the Koodzo Dashboard.

Koodzo asks 2 simple questions.

  • Are you a blogger who wants to achieve higher engagement rates with your content?
  • Are you a marketing professional looking to match your social content with the right audience?

Proof is in the pudding

Koodzo is a result of a living prototype which began more than 3 years ago. Founders Ernesto Pellegrino and Luigi Tiano who are also bloggers wanted to create a site which not only hosted their blogs. They envisioned a site or a Platform, which curated fellow blogger’s content (with their permission of course). Once curated, the platform automatically distributed that content to be consumed throughout the Internet. 1CloudRoad was born. Like many platforms which grow unexpectedly, 1CloudRoad which resides on a traditional WordPress platform, eventually hit some technology and performance boundaries.

3 years later, 1CloudRoad is alive and thriving

  • 100+ contributors and growing
  • 50+ widgets hosted on partner sites and growing
  • Thousands of blogs curated and distributed
  • 2 million Widget Impressions
  • A CTR rate averaging between 2.5 – 3%
  • 3500 Twitter Followers @1cloudroad
  • Thousands of retweets and click backs to blogger content
  • A public recommendation by a fortune 50 Company who used the widget to market their social activity

Here is what Social Media Strategist for HP Helion, Stephen Spector had to say after using 1CloudRoad.

As an active blogger and social media evangelist for HP’s cloud portfolio I need to stay informed in all that is happening in the cloud ecosystem.  1CloudRoad provides me a one-stop shop of the industry’s leading bloggers providing a wide range of commentary and analysis on all things cloud. In fact, I have worked closely with the team at 1CloudRoad to embed the HP Helion blog (Grounded in the Cloud) directly into their site so that other industry watchers can easily access HP’s activity in cloud. The inclusion of HP content into 1CloudRoad allows HP to reach a broader industry audience looking for cloud information which is directly translating into customer interest in our HP Helion portfolio of cloud technologies and services.  

Stephen Spector

Social Media Strategist, HP Helion


Koodzo Comes to Life

With more technology bloggers contributing to 1CloudRoad and more readers consuming the data, the founders soon realized it was time to move onto their own independent platform. With the prototype working as planned, Ernesto and Luigi continued to meet more bloggers at various industry events. Bloggers from other areas of interest. Fashion, Travel, Food, Health, Sports etc… This ignited the Koodzo Social Content Distribution Service. Using the same concept which proved 1CloudRoad successful, Koodzo will replicate this model across hundreds and potentially thousands of groups and communities. Now bloggers from various areas of interest will be able to leverage the Koodzo engine to share their social content throughout the Internet and reciprocate traffic to fellow bloggers.

1CloudRoad paves the way for more Blogger Communities

1CloudRoad will be the first community hosted within the Koodzo Service. Members of the current 1CloduRoad community will be transitioned over the next couple of weeks. More communities will be created in a systematic approach and cadence. Koodzo is actively recruiting bloggers to participate in those communities. Visit Koodzo.com to find out which communities are now open to join. www.koodzo.com/groups.

The Koodzo Objective

Distribute blogs and social content across the Koodzo Content Network and the Internet using Koodzo Communities, Koodzo Contributors, the Koodzo Social Syndication Engine and Koodzo Embedded Widgets

Throughout this journey the Koodzo team has continued to refine its message and approach ensuring their vision is in line with bloggers and the industry. The 2 following articles support our effort to empower the independent blogger and reach an even larger audience. The Internet continues to grow and blogger influence is playing a major role in how consumers are making their decisions. With only a fraction of the Earth’s population online today and the mobile market really just at inception point, there is a lot of room for growth when it comes to the independent voice.

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Articles referenced while writing this blog

Consumers prefer blogs not traditional media for PR recommendations.


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