Koodzo Contributor vs Contributor +

Koodzo Contributor vs Contributor +

As Luigi mentioned in his last post, Koodzo promises Bloggers Ultra-Engagement and extends social reach!

You work hard on your content, so why limit its reach to your social networks? Just because you wrote something great doesn’t mean people will find out about it on their own. Developing a plan to promote your content across paid media is essential however comes at a cost. Yes there are several ways companies can leverage paid Social Content Marketing to increase traffic and build awareness like Facebook Promoted Posts or Twitter Ads; however can an independent blogger invest in a similar fashion? Answer is probably not.

Being a Tech Blogger I can relate and understand how hard it is to create content, build a brand and create engagement. In the past I typically relied on Google organic search and SEO to drive the majority of traffic to my site until we created Koodzo. The Koodzo Content Network relies on a network of bloggers from around the globe united by similar interests, sharing insight and helping each other drive traffic. So if your a blogger and are looking for ways to get more traffic and engagement on your blog site? Koodzo is the answer. We believe in Community and believe they can work together and make it happen!

How? It is a simple 5 Step Process,
Koodzo 5 StepsPlans Overview:
The Koodzo Social Content Distribution Service distributes blogs across the Koodzo Social Media’s communities and Koodzo Embedded Widgets. Once Signed Up, the blogger will fall into 1 of 2 Categories – Contributor or Contributor +.

Although both categories are Free and support engagement , there are benefits of moving up a rank to to Contributor +. The graph below highlights the major advantages.

Koodzo-ContributorAs a Contributor, the Koodzo engine will automatically syndicate and distribute your content to Koodzo Social Networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google + (AKA Social Syndication Engine). Our engine checks periodically for new blog posts and promotes them to our social community of bloggers and readers in return creating engagement and providing reciprocal traffic and links back to their original content. This traffic and engagement can be tracked in the Analytics Section once signed in.

Why move to Contributor+. Simple. Moving to Contributor + requires bloggers to create and showcase the Koodzo Embedded Widget on their Blog Site. In doing so, not only will your blogs be distributed via our  Social Syndication Engine they will appear in Embedded Widgets hosted by Top Industry Bloggers across the world. Your content, recommended to the right audience on many of the world’s top blog sites through our discovery engine, can drive traffic. Get your content distributed and work together to drive Ultra Engagement.

The world of Content Marketing is changing and Koodzo is at the forefront. A startup with huge aspirations. Passionate and dedicated do not begin to describe the team! We are challenging all social professionals and marketers. Join us on our mission, as we strive to change the world of content marketing. Sign Up Now!


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