Content Marketing is STILL the New SEO

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Content Marketing is STILL the New SEO

3 years after this blog by QuickSprout entitled, “Why Content Marketing is the new SEO”, people are still not convinced. This topic seems to be an ongoing debate often confusing SEO with Content Marketing. For me, it is all about consumption. IMHO, I believe social consumption trumps SEO rankings and search any day of the week.

Over the last few years we have seen a significant shift in the way content is being consumed. Consumers of all ages are relying heavily on specific sites or apps to consume their information nowadays. Social Marketers and corporations struggle to get their message, product or service to a pertinent audience. Billions of dollars are spent ineffectively each year on traditional advertising. Print media, billboards, television commercials have proven to be less effective over the last decade.  Millennials who in 2020 will have the power to spend over 1 Trillion dollars will more than ever will rely on social content to make their next trivial or significant purchase. We already see this today, where Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest are paving the way to the Market Networks of tomorrow.

If you take the time to read the QuickSprout blog, after my blog of course, pay close attention to the part where Neil Patel reminds us that Content Marketing doesn’t get affected by algorithm updates.

Native Advertising

Native advertising that subtle “recommended for you” type widget you see on websites is the newest form of advertising. Actually Native Advertising can be broken down into 6 categories. However, what differentiates the success of that advertising technique, is how relative your content is as compared to the parent site someone is browsing. Impressions and click through rates are how companies measure success. Whether it be the right way or not to measure success of an online marketing campaign, this is the language corporate marketers speak. Would you believe that native advertising and content marketing combine to form a 50 billion dollar industry?

What if I told you that engaging with your audience with real, compelling content was way more important? Generation Y better known as the Millennials and today’s teenagers are proving to be a very influential group in today’s society. Traditional purchasing habits are being crushed thanks to, bloggers, video bloggers and social media. Online advertising budgets are shifting from traditional to content driven campaigns.

Content Marketing is the new SEO

Over the last decade companies have been conditioned to believe optimal SEO and being on page 1 of Google was essential to the success of their business. That is partly true.  Generation Y is not consuming content the same way. They are interacting, and engaging with social Media, blogs, video like never before. This engagement is now influencing their purchasing decisions. Social Internet is no longer just for kids. Content exchange among friends and peers is constantly on the rise. Because of this type of content, Content Marketing techniques are crushing the traditional advertising click through rate averages and creeping up in some way, shape or form in corporate advertising strategies and budgets across the world.

Corporations Produce and Create “Real” Content

Content created daily by real people, exists on the Internet so it can be consumed in a natural form and not necessarily forced based on browsing history or habits. Organizations need independent compelling content to help demonstrate value. Spoiler Alert! Did you know that companies spend Billions of dollars yearly to “produce” or create compelling social content? Blogs designed to look like they were written by independent bloggers, still images and video are produced and created daily either directly by corporations or indirectly with the assistance of advertising agencies. Needless to say this is a huge expense for organizations. Nonetheless, to my point, content marketing has definitely made some noise. Corporations seem to be getting the message.

Koodzo can help!

This is why we created Koodzo, Social Content Distribution. Koodzo collects, distributes and makes that connection between organizations/bloggers/content Koodzo distributes and recommends relative social content to readers through native advertising in a subtle and effective manner. If you are a blogger, don’t wait. Check out for more details on how to get Ultra-Engagement.


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