Will Google Organic Search matter In 5 years?

You heard it here first. SEO is dead.

Will Google Organic Search matter In 5 years?

SEO & Google Search will be irrelevant or even obsolete in 5 to 7 years… Ok maybe that’s a bold statement, but please allow me to explain. Before writing this, I asked 10 teenagers why and how often they use Google. Essentially they all told me the same thing. They mostly use it for school work and specifically when conducting research.  Of course they use it like sporadically like everyone else, when they come across a term or a word which they have not heard before. In my opinion, this is the most interesting part. Seldom do they use it to search items relative to what they are actually interested in. So context matters less and less. They get what they are looking for and they get out. The majority of their time is spent in app, whether it be social or game.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not basing my bold assumption or statement on what 10 teenagers have said about their Google experience, however I am inclined to believe that the more content is consumed and shared through social platforms. This is why I believe the Google Search we know today will significantly change or cease to exist based on the way we are consuming information today.

Quick example. I am a huge Ferrari fan. I can honestly say I have used Google a handful of times over the last year to search for Ferrari content. Besides the rare blog articles I found through search, I have relied on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Vine to find content I was interested in. Real content is what I want.

Sure we will always need a “reference” point so we can potentially search for dated or past articles which may or not be of importance. Something like our encyclopaedias once were. Those large heavy books which collected dust on a shelf in your home or in the local library.

Where Google has become a “catch all” for almost anything on the web, can it continue to be what it is today and is their paid search or sponsored ad revenue model in danger in the long-term?

More Time Spent in Social Apps

The goal of the various social platforms is to create and maintain a loyal audience. Essentially consumers are spending more times in app versus than on the World Wide Web. Anyone who has spent time in Instagram, can tell you if they are looking for specific content, they can find a plethora of content for them to consume. Same thing can be said about Twitter and Facebook.

Will Google Ranks Matter?

The future of search is very unclear in many ways. This is mostly due to the huge influx of mobile devices and specifically apps.

Here are some great articles of reference



5 Trends That Signal The Extinction Of Organic Search Results


Google Search will still be an important aspect of the web, however as screens get smaller and search results are refined, how much will companies really invest in ensuring they are on page 1 of google when google search results may even shrink to a handful of results? This is where the importance of content and relativity will make a huge impact on the how companies invest and how consumer behavior changes.

Google Ads Better than ever. For now.

A large portion of Google’s revenue model depends heavily on Advertising Dollars and Paid Search Campaigns. Here is a breakdown of Googles Revenue.

google revenue distribution

Source: http://www.statista.com/statistics/266471/distribution-of-googles-revenues-by-source/

In the following article we learn how ad revenue keeps increasing.


The company’s advertising revenue jumped 11% from last year to $16.02bn. Its consolidated revenue rose 11% to $17.73bn. The number of ads, or paid clicks, increased by 18%.

In my opinion, this spike is due to the fact that many organizations, marketing departments especially, know they need to spend more money online and Google seems to be the best option. Funny how we often hear about the amount of ad revenue Google generates and this is more of their own marketing tool for Google than anyone else. When marketers actually drill down into the actual clicks by real humans and the actual conversion rates, I am not sure things would be so “rose colored”. However, I am not certain many of those marketers are spending as much time learning about Click through Rates and effective ways to advertise online. I will not get into that in this blog, however this may be the topic of a subsequent blog.

I believe we will see a significant shift in revenues specifically around content. We are seeing that consumers care more for content than they do for context specific ads or banners. Internet users have learned about annoying ads and have even used Ad Blocking software to stop ads from popping up on various web pages.

Real Content Sells

Blogs, videos and images sell. People relate to these forms easier and more inclined to share the content. When was the last time you “shared” a Google Ad or Banner? People don’t share ads, they share content!

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