Why Social is the New “Word of Mouth”

Social Marketing is changing that.

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Why Social is the New “Word of Mouth”

Word of Mouth has its limitations

I came across this pictograph, which despite looking like an ad from 1955, it resonated well the challenges corporations face today with Social.

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Despite being the best form of advertising, Word of Mouth has its limitations. Like any news story, it follows a certain “cycle” Everyone knows about the news cycle. It’s relevant until something more relevant happens. That is essentially what Word of Mouth is. Many years ago, when you had a good experience at the local bakery, electronic  or butcher shop, you made sure that everyone at your office, kids ball game and anyone you talked to on the phone knew about it. You could possibly tell several dozen people over the span of a few days depending on your social circles, location and believe it or not, the weather. Even the weather had an impact on how long your experience sharing lived and how many people it reached. You are not seeing too many people if a snow or rain storm hits. You would likely forget the wonderful or even poor experience you had only a few days later. So “word of mouth”, despite being considered the best form of advertisement, proves to have its limitations.

Pictogram: Word-of-mouth – source: Idea Sandbox

Social Media is the Game Changer

I saw it on the Internet so it must be true, right? No, but if you saw it on your friends social feed, then it may be more believable? Make any sense? This is precisely what Social Media Platforms are  doing. This blog is not about how individuals or companies need to flood social media with loud and annoying content. Rather, companies should realize that Social Content Marketing NEEDS to be part of their advertising strategy. Social Content Lives on even after the news cycle has come and gone. The snow storm which cancels your dinner plans with friends is no longer a barrier to your message making its way to the most amount of people as possible. You get what I am saying?

Teens Only Know A “Social” World

If you were a corporation, would you not want to ensure that  Teenagers – specifically Millenials, are aware of your brand or product? Teenagers who have just started high school with thousand of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat Followers are quickly becoming influential in their own right. Albeit some of them may not even know it. However corporations are understanding that if you’re not socially active online, then you could be fading out quicker than you hate to believe it. Speaking with some friends, they quickly rebutted, “that is only true for some industries and some types of business.” I could not disagree more! Airlines, banks, retail chains and many other industries need to cater to a more social aware society in order to ensure they are getting the attention of all those potential social influencers. This image demonstrates the power that Millenials will have in 2020. That is only 4 years away.

Milllenials Spending Power in 2020 - Koodzo






Why Koodzo

Allow me 2 sentences to plug Koodzo 🙂 Koodzo helps individuals and corporations team up with social influencers to optimize their Word of Mouth Marketing. Koodzo members share their social network memberships to propel content to and optimize social outreach like never before.

Are you Ready?

So what is your Social Content Marketing Strategy for 2016? Are you thinking about social? Creating social content? Distributing it trough the proper channels? Do you have a few social influencers who can help your business? No matter how small or large your business may be, as we have said in the past, “word of mouth” is the best form of advertisement.

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