My 13 work station must-haves

My 13 work station must-haves

My inspiration for this post is pretty simple and straightforward: I work and go to school, so needless to say that I spend loads of time at my desk.

In order for my work to be efficient, I like to set my desk up with everything that I will need to accomplish my lenthly tasks all the while still tending to my health.

Before I start this list, I want to remind you of the importance of getting up and moving after a few hours of work; Stretch (your wrists, shoulders, legs and low back), get some sun, walk around for a few minutes, etc.

Sitting without movement can be very unhealthy, now onto the list!

My 13 work station must-haves are shared out between food and beverage, some other essentials and work tools:

  • A liter of water (and I usually have snacks laid out): staying hydrated with water is extremely important, if you’re going to drink lemon water be sure to rinse out your mouth with plan waiter afterwards or brush your teeth. Eating throughout the day is the best way not to let yourself get extremely hungry and probably wind up malnourished.
  • A candle: I often light a candle (or incense) while I work; you can alternatively open up a window. The point is to work in a refreshing, serene atmosphere.
  • Gemstones: Yes, I usually have a stone or two on my desk. They’re pretty to look at and also hold metaphysical properties!
  • Coffee or tea: depending on what my system needs I usually have one of these on my desk in addition to the water.
  • Salt lamp: I got this one at a garage sale and it lights up when connected to my laptop’s USB hub, it emits a beautiful orange glow in the evening and these are said to be beneficial to you.
  • My notebooks: These hold passwords to accounts, tasks, notes and my brainstorming sessions.
  • My glasses and their case: because, well I need them! Their case is kept close by so that I put them away as soon as I am finished wearing them and to clean them as well…several times throughout the day, sigh.
  • Pen: I like funky pens, I keep mine handy to write down notes during phone calls, and to put down deadlines in my calendar.
  • Pure shea butter: I like to keep my hands and lips hydrated, and they dry out a lot so what I use is important to me. After having tried out several products, I have found that pure African Shea butter is the best for this.
  • My external hard drive: In order to keep my laptop running fast, I store as little on it as possible. Most of my documents are on my WD external hard drive, it holds up to a Terabyte and is always kept in its case.
  • My cell phone: I don’t need to explain this one, do I?
  • Speakers: I get to work from home, and often like to play music, so I like to plug my speakers into my computer while I work.
  • Additional source of light: preserve your eyes and be sure to use adequate lighting while you work, I have a lamp on my desk.

I sometimes eat at my desk, but it is healthier to eat elsewhere and not to rush; besides, I hate getting crumbs on my stuff.

What are your work station must-haves ?

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