7 steps towards your dreams

7 steps towards your dreams

  1. Do not focus so hard on the gap between where you are now and your expected finishing point

– This can be very demoralizing if you are working towards something very big, not to mention stressful and can because you to make some bad decisions and become very goal obsessed. Focus on the here and now and what you can realistically do to get you to the then and that.

  1. Make sure that you are still having fun

-No matter how serious your dreams are to you, life has to be lived in a balanced manner; be sure that you are still making some time for small fun things, daily! Furthermore, if you are chasing your dream, it should be enjoyable. Maybe not entirely, but do make sure that you can look back in years from now and say ‘’it was fun’’.

  1. Make sure that you are doing this FOR YOU

-Subconsciously a lot of us live to please others, or we want to live up to the highest measure of success at the cost of our true desires and happiness. Ask yourself what made you want to do what you are pursuing and make sure that you live YOUR life.

  1. Write out your goals, look at them laid out before you

-Writing out your goals can make you look at them differently; in other words, you might actually start thinking of a timeline and the necessary path that you’ll need to be on to get there.


  1. Accept where life is taking you, everything is a lesson and can be turned into a strength

-When you happen to fall on your face or have the unexpected thrown at you, don’t stand around endlessly asking ‘why’, get yourself and your stuff together and get be on your way. Perhaps you will have been pointed in a new direction or perhaps this may cause you to have to abandon the ‘dream’. This, however, does not have to be the end of things, maybe you will return to the dream in a bit or discover a new one! The point is to not live in regret and hang on to what no longer serves you.

  1. Do not compete with everyone around you; rejoice in other’s success.

– With the constant updates of our peer’s successes and achievements online, it can sometimes be extremely hard to focus on ourselves and not drown in comparison and jealousy. You might admire what somebody does; but admiration turns to something toxic when you start envying their success or thinking that they don’t deserve it. Although I must admit that it is puzzling to see the status given to some, considering their minimal achievements, that is none of your business. Just do you, be positive, encouraging and it will come back to you.

  1. Keep your big dreams to yourself

-This is the biggest and most important tip: do NOT go about shouting your hopes and dreams and sharing them with just anyone. Unless your dreams will be achieved with the help of a network, then yes, you must share your visions and ideas. In a lot of cases we speak of our deepest hopes to the wrong people and it doesn’t feel right; furthermore, it places us in a different zone in relation to our goals. Keep them to yourself, work towards them day-by-day, it is not by talking about them that you are making them a reality. Hold them close to your heart like something precious.


Our dreams are supposed to fuel us and uplift us; when we think of them and everything attached to them it should be exhilarating. If the idea or current reality of your life’s dream doesn’t feel like this then you need to re-examine why that is.


Hope that this was a good read, wishing you all a great end of January.

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