Create a Healthy Brand / Influencer Relationship

Brands Need to Trust Influencers

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Create a Healthy Brand / Influencer Relationship

Influencer Marketing sounds easy. Find some people online (Influencers) to say how good your product is and “voila”, people will be crashing your website or establishment ready to buy your product or service. Hang on a minute. It’s not as easy as it sounds. If you want it done right, there is more to it. Unfortunately or perhaps I should say fortunately, Influencer Marketing has a very human element to it, making it an attractive alternative for marketing teams to embrace. This is true from Brand to Influencer and from Influencer to End User (the people consuming the content)

Traditional Digital Advertising is Broken

Think for a moment. For the last 20 years, brands (who advertise digitally) have relied on cold, non relevant techniques to market their product in the digital world. Usually relying on popups and banners to get user’s attention. I am not here to debate the efficiency factor (in my opinion there is no debate) Digital Advertising is broken….The highest traffic websites in the world have become unattractive and almost impossible to browse because of all the ads serving systems pushing to get their precious digital real estate.

Yes Yahoo and Forbes. I am talking to you. 2001 called and they want their banners which cover almost half your page back.

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2016 and Influencer Marketing

Now Brands have the ability to tap into Influencers and their respective social databases to promote various products. I have said it before in a previous blog, but Influencer Marketing is the new word of mouth and if done right, could literally change marketing forever. With so many emerging social platforms and even more emerging social Influencers, there is a HUGE opportunity for Brands to increase their social outreach. For social Influencers, of all ages, I believe this is an opportunity like no other to benefit from your online or digital presences.

Influencers, Harness your Big Data

We often hear about how Big Data is changing the world and how companies business models are becoming more dependent on Big Data. You as an Influencer now have your own Big Data to exploit and deal with. Your Social Database. Many of us have a handful of social networking platforms we spend time on. Depending on your age group and area of interest or expertise your social platform of choice will differ. Despite what social platform is your favorite or most effective, it is important to understand your connected audience and how they engage with your you and your content. Ultimately the more relevant you are to your audience, the more you engage, the better the social experience. Knowing who is interested in your content and even understanding what type of social content (blog, vlog, tweet, picture etc)is most appreciated, what times of day you get the most engagement, will assist you in effectively leveraging your social audience and becoming a better Influencer.

Influencers be Relevant & Maintain Integrity

If you are one of the very few Influencers who make a name for themselves, don’t be surprised if companies begin knocking down your door to promote their product. However trust and relevance are key to Influencer success. Be true to yourself and your audience. If you have built your audience from the ground up, it is more than likely that your followers are interested in the same things you are. Engagement will be optimal when your audience cares about what you have to say. For example: If you are a health nut and write blogs on effective workouts and killer protein shake recipes, even if you have 10 000 followers, how many of your followers would be interested in you promoting the latest line of lipstick from a famous cosmetics company

Brands Need to Trust Influencers

Corporations more than ever are working with Influencers to help promote their brand. However even after speaking with several brands it is not a perfect science. Brands continue to struggle to optimize their Influencer relationship. Several challenges have been identified and brands are desperately looking to make the Brand / Influencer relationship more effective.

4 things brands must do to achieve an optimal Brand / Influencer relationship

  • know and trust their Inlfuencer(s)
  • understand their potential social outreach
  • provide the Influencer with relevant content for optimal social distribution
  • have the ability to measure and track the content consumption, distribution and engagement with end users

If you are a brand looking for an Inlfuencer, make sure you follow these 4 important points!