Q&A on the latest from Koodzo Social

What you need to know about Koodzo

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Q&A on the latest from Koodzo Social



Q: So, what has Koodzo been cooking up?

A: A time-saving solution for social influencers a.k.a bloggers.

Koodzo Social has been hard at work to upgrade its platform so that it may best suit the needs of any social influencer; whether aspiring or already successful.



Q: What is a social influencer?

A: Koodzo defines a social influencer as any individual who is on one or more social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest…) and who has a following of about 500 to 5000 individuals.


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Q: If I have less than 500 followers, can I still join Koodzo?

A: Yes, of course you can – it takes time to build a following, it also takes savvy time-effective tools, Koodzo is one of them.


Koodzo allows you share your content as efficiently as possible, we are here to enable your success. 



Q: How do I sign up, is it free?

A: Sign up is free and it can be done at Koodzo.com. It has been made extremely simple to do.

-You simply put in your login information, link your social accounts and add your rss feed (and yes a Tumblr blog does have an rss feed too).

-Then you choose which social channels you want to turn off or on (which channels you want to share to).

– When you have a post that you want to push to let’s say Twitter, select twitter from the “share” button on that post and you’re on your way!


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Q: Why should I choose Koodzo over other services that offer something similar?

A: Because we are at the forefront of social media marketing techniques and we value the power of influencers. Secondly, we are just getting started and Koodzo will have offers very soon meant to reward influencers’ hard work. Lastly, we are open to feedback because we communicate with our community members and know what they need, this is reflected in our site’s design.


Koodzo Social is here to help you grow your following by maximizing your outreach. How ? By allowing you to push your content to all of your social media, from one place - The Koodzo Dashboard.



Check us out!

Koodzo’s latest upgrades are now up for you to take advantage of at Koodzo.com and you can contact us with any of your questions at the following:


Twitter: @koodzo or @danikasocial to reach our Social Media Manager

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/koodzosocial

and by e-mail: info@koodzo.com



Social Media + Koodzo = Koodzo Social