Koodzo Social: 10 Tips for Successful Blogging

Koodzo Social: 10 Tips for Successful Blogging

What does it take to be a blogger nowadays?

1. Have a subject, a message

Whether you want to blog about your favourite brand of cars, skincare, paleo dieting or your family, you have to have a message. It is alright to juggle a few topics on your website, but you should be very clear as to which topics those will be.

This allows for people who are going to review your blog to better describe you, but it also makes your life easier by allowing you choose what you’re going to focus on.

An “About me” page is a great place to let readers know exactly what to expect from you, also a good place to warn them of any triggers in your content or if you like to express yourself in a certain way.

2. Be tech-savvy

Nobody’s saying that you have to design your own website and learn code overnight, but you can achieve so much more than you think. Not to mention that there is a lot of information available in DIY tech blogs and on Youtube.

If there is something that you think that you can’t do, look into it and you might surprise yourself. There is no better feeling.



blogger time


3. Time-management skills

I was recently told that there are over 160 hours in a week, makes you wonder how time just seems to fly…

Exercise, house-cleaning, cooking, sleep, pets, gardening, children, hobbies and mmm a job, can take up a lot of time. Nonetheless, you can find time to do what you want; to do everything that you want.

When it comes to blogging, you have to answer e-mails, upkeep the blog, interact with people and create your content.

A solution is to spend a few concentrated hours a week producing the conctent that can then be easily posted, uploaded and shared over a span of time.

Free tools like Koodzo, Buffer, IFTTT are great to use all at once because they complement each other. There’s also CoSchedule.


4. Self-confidence

You have to believe in what you are putting out there, so make sure that it is good then give it time. It takes a while to gain a following, even years. But consistency in posting and in the quality of your work were mentioned to me as  the most important things in blogging by expert blogger Andrea Mauro, Tech Blogger at http://vinfrastructure.it/

blogger techsavvy

5. A platform to build on

Pick where you are going to be sharing you content to and stick to it. Some bloggers have chosen Snapchat and Instagram as their platform, more traditional bloggers are on WordPress, Blogger and Youtube.

Wherever you are, make sure that you post your most complete and up to date work there, don’t share a bit here and a bit there. You can market yourself however across many platforms, that’s next.


6. Managing multiple social media accounts

You’re going to feel better about getting to know a couple of the social media platforms out there. I used to be somebody who saw no benefit in being on Twitter until… I did.

Make your passwords safe and be sure to advertise your content and various social media profiles in your blog and across the various social media accounts.

Do this shamelessly, it’s part of the gig.


7. Get personal, just a bit… or a lot.

The audience needs to know who you are. Eventually, bloggers often wind up inspiring an audience and becoming public figures.

You can give a short bio and/or choose to share more about yourself across your content as time goes on (I like the latter).


blogger always connected


8. Be friendly, make yourself remembered in a good way

Warmth is much needed online. Nobody is looking for impersonal interactions and automated messages. Have your own greeting line, or your own style when you interact; it’ll put people at ease, make you look like a person to them and ultimately gain you more followers.


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9. Speak your mind and stand up for causes, or for others online

You are a person online who can bring good to the community that you’ve joined.

If you see any bullying, do something about it; write a post about it, make a video about it. Do not be afraid to comment on what you see others doing, in this way we all monitor one another.

You also have a platform now from which you can speak out for the causes for which you stand, take advantage of that. Don’t be afraid of people not liking your opinion, if they don’t like who you really are, then maybe you don’t want them as a follower anyways.


10. Have fun, be proud of your work

Create good content that you can look back on and smile at. Keep yourself organized so that you can keep stress low, success high and have a lot of fun overall.

Don’t do things that compromise your integrity as a content creator and don’t lie to your followers…they will find out.



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