Welcome to Koodzo’s Marketplace

Welcome to Koodzo’s Marketplace

 What is Koodzo’s  ‘Marketplace’, exactly?

So that you understand what we’re talking about and because that’s extremely important to us, we’ve provided some definitions below.

Our glossary (defining the terms so that you can understand them in the context of what Koodzo does).

Influencer: Koodzo specifically focuses on Micro-Influencers. These are individuals who have 500 to 5000 followers across all social media platforms.

Brand: Koodzo defines a brand in this context as any Company seeking Influencers to connect with, willing to share the brand’s content across social media.

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Koodzo’s latest feature is now available for users to take advantage of:
The Marketplace

The marketplace is where Influencers and Brands go to connect with one another.

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Influencers can extend offers to other Influencers
Brands can extend offers to Influencers.

Koodzo wants to give Influencers and brands a chance to do marketing in a more efficient way and we know that nowadays customers rely on bloggers and such for recommendations and advice. Therefore if a company is looking to sell a product, their best bet is not to rely on traditional marketing strategies, but to capitalize on the relationship that Influencers have with their audiences.

When Influencers advertise products that they believe in, their followers are willing to look in to the product and are more likely to buy it. This is not invented, it is the way that thousands of Influencers are making a living off of blogging and video blogging.

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Our first available offer: “Retweet a Tweet”

We are in beta right now and we are currently exploring all options that would compensate the Influencer in this offer.

As for now, it entails a Brand contacting an Influencer through the marketplace and requesting that a pre-composed tweet be shared.

Following extensive Brand and Influencer research, we are certain that this is a feasible and optimal function. In the long-run, both sides will benefit from such a partnership.

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I’d like to give a special thanks to the following content creators who graciously took time out of their busy schedules to give us their opinion, thus allowing us to create an optimal product for Brands and Influencers.

Technology bloggers, you can find all of them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Jonathan Stewart: @vituallyanadmi

Andrea Mauro: @andrea_mauro

Enrico Signoretti: @esignoretti

Food bloggers, focused specifically on wholesome eating.

Celeste Meredith: @thewholeserving
Instagram: @thewholeserving

Ashley Pitt: @apstyle

Travel blogger, who was a blast to speak to.

John Roberts: @inthelooptravel
Instagram: @looptravelpics


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Koodzo looks forward to seeing you grow your brand and network, social media is the place to do it and we’ll help get you there.