Any and all content to Linkedin with Koodzo

Any and all content to Linkedin with Koodzo


Koodzo is back this week with a new announcement

Yes, another release: In addition to opening up the Marketplace earlier this month, Koodzo is now making it possible for content creators and brands to push ANY and ALL content to Linkedin and Twitter.




As a member of Koodzo’s system, the first step is to choose a specific community to belong to (fashion, travel, tech, etc.).

If you have connected your Tumblr, Instagram and even Youtube account and have turned on the respective channels, your content on those platforms will appear in your  Koodzo dashboard.




So how do you share the content from all of your SM to Linkedin?

Simply add your RSS feed in the Koodzo dashboard upon signing up and be sure to connect all of your social media networks. The  networks that you can connect are Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Medium.




The next step is to turn on your social channels so that the updated content in them appears in your dashboard.




Our dashboard allows you to keep track of all of your online social activity and content and to see how successfully it is doing online once you push it to Twitter and Linkedin through our system.

The brand section in the dashboard allows you to select to which social platforms you will push the content that is coming in through the RSS feed that you’ve added.




You can have one active RSS feed, but you can change the desired RSS feed at any time.




Koodzo is currently in a beta phase and will eventually allow users to share content to even more platforms; however, in the meantime bloggers and brands can enjoy the benefits of being in a community that focuses on creating reciprocal traffic between members.




For details on our previous release the Marketplace, head here:


  That’s what we call being #koodzosocial



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