Koodzo 2.0 – The Influencer Marketplace is Live!

Koodzo Gets a New Look & Feel

Koodzo 2.0 – The Influencer Marketplace is Live!

The Koodzo Development and Product Teams have been rather quiet over the last few months. After several iterations and constant evolution of the Koodzo platform, our product team is ready to launch Koodzo 2.0. The Koodzo Influencer Marketplace has not only undergone a technology overhaul. Koodzo also has a new shiny look and feel to it.  What do you think about our new colors and logo?


Koodzo Marketplace

Over the last 10 years, Online Marketplace’s have become a “thing”.  Traditional marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba are the true pioneers of Internet Marketplaces. More recently though, unconventional or “disruptive” marketplaces like AirBnb and Uber have shed a huge spotlight on how some very traditional industries may never be the same.

Based on Quora here is the definition of an Internet Marketplace

“In your typical e-commerce online marketplace, the above definition refers to consumers buying products from multiple sellers, while all the information is aggregated and all transactions are processed by the marketplace platform.”

For full definition click here https://www.quora.com/What-is-an-internet-marketplace-What-is-the-definition

Koodzo is a little different. Koodzo is the marketplace where Brands can directly interact with Influencers and specifically Micro-Influencers. A marketplace, where brands can work with Influencers categorized by area of interest, expertise and their social media outreach.

Today with the Koodzo Marketplace, it has never been so easy for Brands to distribute their social content across the Internet leveraging Micro-Influencers. Accessible and manageable through 1 single portal, Brands tap into their potential audiences through Influecner’s social networks. The Koodzo Marketplace is easy, convenient and effective!

Based on the 3 main areas of focus

  • Brands aggregate their social content
  • Find the right Influencer(s)
  • Promote their Brand Content and related content

Why Micro-Influencers, Not Mega-Influencers?

Reference – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/281318

Most of us can identify Mega Influencers rather quickly. Despite their large social outreach, Mega Influencers don’t really provide the ROI brands are looking for. That is when Brands should turn to Micro-Influencers to endorse their product / service and assist with content distribution. Micro-Influencers are folks with smaller, more loyal followings, who have significant clout within their respective communities. Micro Influencers demonstrate higher rates of engagement thus giving Brands more “bang for their buck”.

3 Qualities to Look for in a Social Media Influencer 

Reference – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/272529

  • An audience and personality that matches your Brand
  • A social media profile with high levels of engagement
  • A true understanding of marketing and branding

Feed the Machine

Koodzo allows Brands to aggregate various social network feeds. Companies often struggle to effectively gather their social content (whether created by them or by other experts online) Koodzo provides a very unique feature where Brands use a single portal to feed the social distribution engine. Koodzo allows Brands to use their own content as well as pick relevant content from industry Influencers. Influencers then act as independent distributors to push content to their various social communities, driving traffic back to the Brands parent website or content.

How do Brands Benefit with Koodzo?

  • A portal for Brands to aggregate social content from group of bloggers
  • Brands extend distribution offers to bloggers / Influencers to share social content
  • The content can belong to the Brand or Influencers within a specific group
  • Currently 3 offers available (Retweet a Tweet, Post to FB, Post to LinkedIn)

How do Influencers Benefit with Koodzo?

  • Connect with Brands
  • Allow your thought leadership to be seen by Brands and peers
  • Your content can be shared by Brands to various communities and reach larger audiences

Influencers and Brands can sign up here.

We will follow up this blog with a couple of instructional videos both for Brands & Influencers

Check out this video below to see how Koodzo Brands navigate through Koodzo Marketplace.