Koodzo Influencer Marketplace: Limited space available for 2017. Secure your spot today!

Koodzo solving a Big Industry Problem

Koodzo Influencer Marketplace: Limited space available for 2017. Secure your spot today!



Over the last decade it is no secret that Digital Advertising Companies have made a fortune from businesses looking to the Internet to advertise their product or service. Are you one of those businesses? Have you “invested” in Banner Ads, Sponsored Content Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads or others? Innocent businesses have paid Billions in precious advertising dollars with the promise their ad or content would be viewed by millions.

How has that worked out for you? Don’t get me wrong. Not all digital advertising fails to deliver on it’s promise. Google and Facebook still prove to deliver..Simply looking at the statistics, many experts can agree, the ROI is just not there. Sure, maybe in the early days of Google Ads when you were one of the few who bought adwords early on for dirt cheap or sold niche product with little online competition, Google Ads was the Silver Bullet. Today in 2016, when App and “mobile first” or “mobile only” is the motto for many businesses, the Return on Investment for digital advertising sucks! In a domain filled with bot networks (fake computers created by digital ad companies to simulate web traffic) and falsified statistics on views etc, isn’t it time we look at alternative methods to advertise your product or service?

You would be astonished to hear how many people we spoke with looked to Google and Facebook and their traditional Banner Ad providers as their de-facto digital advertising strategy, seldom questioning the value they received.

“My VP gives me X budget for digital ads, so I go to Google and Facebook and dump it there. It’s easy. I trust it.”

“We used to do banner ads, but lately we moved to Facebook and Google. Everyone uses them. My decision to spend the money there is never questioned.”

“Although the numbers from Google and Facebook are hard to quantify, they look acceptable so we can continue to use them.”

Are you one of these above?

Micro Influencers

Online Advertising can work if done right! Your important content whether it be a blog or video can be an essential tool in selling your product. It’s time to get back to basics. Word of Mouth marketing leveraging real people who converse and engage with their family, friends and peers. Sounds easy enough?

The Content Conveyor Belt – Feed the machine

Imagine a digital conveyor belt leading to different parts of the Internet and subsequently computers, tablets and mobile devices. Content sent to Millennials, Gen X,Y and Baby Boomers alike, who despite their age group, are spending more time online. The conveyor belt starting at your office, leading directly to your customers and product ambassadors delivering your Blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram Pics or Video. That’s not where it ends. Imagine what would happen if those customers decided to share that content with their social networks? More importantly, what if you could know how many times it was shared and viewed. One thing for sure when working with Micro Influencers and social networks, fake friends / contacts on social media, although possible, are not as prolific as fake computers and fake Internet traffic as see with banner ads. The Content Conveyor Belt, needs no batteries, no electricity and no maintenance. The only thing it requires is updated content, which for the most part is being created on a regular basis and some industry Influencers with a social outreach. Your sole responsibility as a business or marketing department is to “Feed the Machine!

Why Koodzo? Why Now?

With Koodzo we have made “Feeding the Machine” that easy. We know this because over the last year part of product development efforts included countless hours interviewing marketing, social media and industry experts, and obtaining their crucial feedback.

Our marketplace is not perfect, which is why continuous roll-out of features and functions are released daily. We will not stop until we have the first fully automated Influencer Marketplace.

Time is running out – Koodzo Beta Is Limited

This is where it gets interesting. With a limited capacity to serve all interested customers, Koodzo will limit their client list exclusive and lucky brands for 2017. Many people may think that a startup limiting their client list stage would be foolish. However, because of the value Koodzo delivers, we believe that a product designed by experts and practitioners is a winning formula for all. This will allow for an optimal “Machine” filled with features and functions clients want. Note: companies of all sizes and business verticals are welcome. Koodzo is NOT LIMITING the number of Influencers who can register to the Koodzo Marketplace. What are waiting for. Sign up today at Koodzo.com

In order to qualify in our Beta Program following criteria must be met.

  • Have dedicated social media manager
  • Maintain 3 of the following on a regular basis: Blog (RSS Tumblr), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Have worked with Social lnfluencers in the past

BRANDS – If interested, please don’t wait. Send an email to info@koodzo.com Subject Line: I want in with Koodzo 2017