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Thank You Gary Vaynerchuk

I am approaching a rather significant year in my life. First quarter 2017, I will turn 40 years old. I am a big believer that age is only a number, however I also believe that getting 1 year older in today’s day and age truly makes us wiser. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded with wonderful family and friends and given the drive and the desire to compete hard every day in everything I do.

As an entrepreneur at heart, for many years I have looked up to many genius business minds and tried to learn a little from each of them. This past year however, I have been hooked on the truest and most genuine entrepreneur I have been ever become introduced to. Gary Vaynerchuk who lets us in to his daily life as he documents his almost every move. For those who have not had the fortune of listening / watching Gary’s daily documentaries about business and life, you better get onto it now! Gary talks about his upbringing in an immigrant family, selling baseball cards on weekends, working at his Dad’s wine business by becoming one of YouTube’s first Vloggers which ultimately propelled him into what he is today. Number 1 hustler, best selling author, CEO of Vayner Media and a business and life visionary.

This blog is entirely dedicated to Gary. Thank you Gary for your constant guidance, willingness to share your experiences / advice, successes / failures and motivation. I have learned a lot about the hustle and the process and because of this, I know 2017 will be a remarkable year in every area of my life. Personal and business alike. There are far too many videos, rants, keynotes I could recommend. Instead I suggest you subscribe and connect to his various social networks.

What I learned from Gary in 2016

  • Listen
  • Be Patient
  • Hustle
  • Bring Value to your network
  • Be Focused
  • Stop Complaining
  • Be Patient
  • Be accountable to others and yourself
  • Be Patient
  • Hustle 24/7/365

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Sign a Contract with yourself – I did!

Like Gary, I am a huge Social Media Advocate and encourage anyone and everyone to brand themselves and their business with the help of Social Media. Despite my advocacy for leveraging social, I can honestly say I have not optimized my social real estate and audience to build my personal brand in accordance. In honor of Gary and his motivation, things will change. This may be a warning to some, however I have a contract with myself in 2017 to produce more content, both written and visual to help enhance my brand and my hustle. In case you are wondering I co-founded an Influencer Marketplace named Koodzo. So if you may be annoyed or feel there is no value in my contribution to the social world, feel free to stop following my channels

Thank you.