The Case for Influencer Marketing

Digitial Marketing now includes Influencers

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The Case for Influencer Marketing

You are working for on a brand new product launch and you need to ensure you reach your target audience effectively. Anyone with a computer or smartphone knows that our digital attention has been hijacked by social media platforms. Teens spend 9 hours on average in social media daily. That is why social media advertising revenue is climbing more than ever. Imagine you work for a prominent brand…or marketing agency. It’s your job to find out how you can optimize your digital spend for the upcoming year. Don’t fall into the tired, and old “Status Quo”.

What are your Digital Marketing Options?

  • Banner ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook or Instagram ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • The list goes on and on
  • Influencer Marketing

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

For the most part advertising and marketing efforts will be less effective without getting your content to the appropriate audience. You could market your products and services through print, digital, and traditional media. The problem with these avenues, is that customer attention is moving away from these mediums. Influencers bring a completely different dimension to digital advertising because their digital “voice” or audience will most likely be specific to the interest and content created by the Influencer. Promoting your company’s brand by a Influencer in the field, can boost your reputation and subsequently interest in your brand or product.  Just imagine the buzz created if an Influencer simply tweets or shares relevant content about your brand to their hundreds / thousands of followers. Consumers will probably look at your brand in a positive manner.

Improving Brand Awareness

Not enough can be said about brand recognition in today’s digital age.  Brand Awareness and recognition is the is probably the most obvious benefit of having Influencers promote your products. As a marketing professional, ensure your brand is readily apparent with each piece content shared through your Influencer. As content ultimately flows to your target audience, Influencers will attract more attention to your brand. This will register well in the minds of potential buyers and your marketing goals will be achieved.

Don’t forget Koodzo in your Influencer Marketing journey. Koodzo will make your life easier by managing your campaign, content and Influencer promotions.