Working with Influencers? Koodzo can help!

Manage & Track Influencer Campaigns

Working with Influencers? Koodzo can help!

Yes, Influencer Marketing is a Thing

We have been saying it for a long time, but almost 20 million results in Google solidify the fact that Influencer Marketing is indeed a hot topic. In my perspective, Influencer Marketing will gain even more momentum and will be a hot item for the foreseeable future. The dynamics of how Influencers interact with brands may change, but the concept is pertinent and in demand as ever.

Working with Influencers?

Today more brands are moving their digital marketing dollars to a more strategic and tangible digital strategy. Browsing websites on your PC or laptop has diminished as tablets, smartphones and related apps are changing the way we consume the content. Banner ads although still in existence are a dying concept. More and more marketing agencies are introducing some form of Influencer Marketing offerings into their portfolio as they attempt to accommodate the shift in customer strategy. Influencers in all verticals & industries across the globe, are leveraged to create and promote content, via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snap.

Micro or Mega Influencer – Koodzo can help

Are you an agency or brand already working with Influencers to help distribute your digital content? Koodzo may be just right for you. Whether you are working with a handful of mega Influencers or several targeted micro-Influencers, Koodzo has what it takes to ensure you manage the Brand/Influencer relationship and the content distribution workflow efficiently. By choosing the content you want shared by your distributors, you can then track the entire lifecycle from promotion offer to the share in the Influencer’s social network.

What is required to access Koodzo’s solution?

  • Social content: blogs, videos, tweets, pictures (everything that your brand is already creating for its social media platforms)
  • Influencers with a Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn account, whose audience would be interested in your event – We are excited to say Instagram distribution will be here shortly!

After signing up to Koodzo, start distributing content! You will be able to choose the content you want to share and track the workflow and promotion efforts of your Influencers. Distributing your content is made by a click of a button!

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