Create and Promote Powerful Content – Your Brand Deserves it!

Create and Promote Powerful Content – Your Brand Deserves it!

Branding can be seen as a permanent communication channel between you and your audience. Your tone, your message, what your content looks like, and how people perceive your business defines your brand.

It is no surprise that communication has changed. From the late 1990s we realized the Internet was a game changer. The Internet was here to stay. Soon afterwards, we saw Social Media growing and evolving fast and steady. Who doesn’t own a social media account today? That’s one of the reasons you like many other brands decided to invest and promote their products to where customers spend time. Within Social Media!

Since Social Media allow us to keep a constant and updated communication with your friends and followers, one of the key elements, in this environment, is what and how we communicate. Everything and anything your brand puts out there on the Internet and in Social Media, in terms of content should be meaningful, coherent and properly define who you and your business are.

Because Koodzo cares about your success, we put together three basic elements we found powerful when creating content for a brand:

1. Any piece of content should be authentic. If you are offering a service or a product, stick to what you know best! So in your own voice, share your experience in the form of content. Don’t try to imitate your competitors, be yourself, authentic, people value uniqueness.

2. Produce content that is credible. If your brand is all about making a traveler’s life easier, your social content should not reflect the latest and greatest computers on the market. Everything you promote has to be related to what your brand does and/or offers, otherwise your content becomes doubtful and ineffective.

3. Develop useful content for your audience. People are constantly bombarded with impractical content. Ask yourself, your colleagues, and look for practical content your targeted audience may find useful. Make their lives easier. Loyalty towards your brand will grow.

Now, you have created wonderful content! The content has the basic elements to make it powerful. What’s next? You need to promote it. We’ve said it before. The further the reach your content has, the better off you or your business are. You can gather your Influencers in the same place and send them your amazing content. With a single click, Influencers can promote to their respective Social Media platforms. Simulate the powerful word of mouth paradigm, instead multiplied by hundreds. The only thing to worry about will be keeping up your communication with clients and prospects, while easily tracking results and performance.

Koodzo can guide you through this process. We want to help you succeed. Whether you’re just starting to work with Influencers or if you have experience with them already, we are pretty sure we can increase your online outreach. Augment your next marketing campaign with Koodzo. Send us an email to and we’ll give you all the info you need.

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