Influencer Marketing will Crush the Digital Ad Industry

Social Media Marketing - More Important than Ever

Influencer Marketing will Crush the Digital Ad Industry

Web browsing has become painfully slow. Almost impossible in some cases. Getting simple news or updated on recent events can be very painful. For a deeper and more technical reason for the increased slowdown, this articles explains why Banner Ads and Ad Networks are killing your browse speed.

To be clear, the goal of this blog is not complain about web browsing and why it’s getting increasingly slow. I am simply stating the increased pain I have experienced over the last couple of years when browsing the Internet from a desktop computer. Truthfully, web browsing has become a thing of the past. With apps and dedicated sites for our everyday needs, “browsing” per se is dead. The Web is the most powerful place to seek and share information. However, people in general have a more focused approach to searching and gathering their information. With native apps for smartphones, browsing habits have changed for good. Nonetheless like many, I still rely on traditional web browsing especially when conducting research. This is especially for my blogs, for which I search various websites on a given topic and then take notes, make comparisons to assemble my thoughts. What once was considered a luxury (the Web) has now become a commodity.

What will happen to all those Ads in your Web Browser?

As browsing habits change, online advertising will change as well. My adolescent daughter, like many others her age and younger, have probably seldom used a laptop or computer to “browse” the web. Aside from school projects and browsing for research, tablets and smartphones have most likely facilitated their browsing experience. I think it is safe to say, most of us know what banner ads, and popups are? Question. When is the last time you clicked on a regular banner ad, Facebook or Google Ad (on purpose)? How about those completely irrelevant ads / articles embedded at the bottom of pages you see when browsing news or gossip websites? These ad-service networks have been making money hand over fist simply by “renting” digital real estate on high-profile / high traffic websites, promising to deliver eyeballs to the advertises or brands. Will this model continue to make sense to advertisers? If so, for how long?

Connected Users and Devices will Explode in 2020

Gemalto predicts 4+ Billion Connected users by 2020 and 26+ Billion connected devices


As the number of users and connected devices increase, we will see a continued migration to more smart phone / app based approach to using the Web / Internet. This means that banner ads could become extinct or at least be phased out over the next 5-7 years. Ads within apps will continue to exist, but marketers will need to be a lot more creative in order for their audiences to really tune in and “convert”. Images and Video will become very important for companies

Social Media Marketing – More Important than Ever

Social Media, content marketing, and Influencer Marketing will become more important than ever. Companies, especially those who are trying to increase their web presence will look to invest heavily in leveraging the digitally connected Millennials. By 2018, Millennials will have more spending power than the Baby Boomers and by 2020 Millennials will have a collective spending power of $1.4 trillion. (Source: We have seen a tremendous investment in online marketing geared towards our millennials, and that will continue to increase.

Influencer Marketing will crush the Digital Ad Industry

Companies are stepping up the content creation strategy and relying on Influencers to create and distribute content. The average Influencer marketing campaign generates a return of $6.50 for every $1 invested. Influencer Marketing is considered the “pound for pound champion in Digital marketing right now. Traditional banner ad strategies could very soon become obsolete.


The Internet and connect Web is changing and we may not recognize it 5 years from now. Stay tuned for my next blog “Internet Killed the Television Star”

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